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Alex Glass


Spent the New Year in Mull at the Isle of Mull Hotel, Craignure

We didn't go very far just around the Craignure area.

The Mull Railway Station

Duart Castle

Snow on the mountains


I thought I'd started an Isle of Mull thread after my trip there in summer... guess I didn't!
I'll post some tomorrow perhaps :)
Alex Glass

Look forward to seeing them Stu  

I have never been to mull before, what's the story about the station alex.

Nice pics Alex        I just loved mulling through them  

Glen Forsa, Isle of Mull

Glen Forsa by stuballscramble, on Flickr

Glen Forsa by stuballscramble, on Flickr

Beinn Talaidh by stuballscramble, on Flickr

Tomsleibhe Bothy by stuballscramble, on Flickr

Gleann Léan by stuballscramble, on Flickr

Tomsleibhe Bothy by stuballscramble, on Flickr

Fogged by stuballscramble, on Flickr

Distant Sunset by stuballscramble, on Flickr

Sun Explosion by stuballscramble, on Flickr
Alex Glass

Wow these are great Stu  

I didn't venture far so all my photos are within the Craignure area.

Try and post more as soon as I upload more to photobucket.

Alex Glass

Some photos of Craignure

Dead Deer in a ditch

Local Church

Police Station

Craignure Inn

Petrol Station


Nice picture of a deer... did you carve it up for burger meat?
Alex Glass

No Stu

Don't know how long it had been lying there. I know you should let a deer hang for a while but in a ditch you don't know what has been eating at it.  
Alex Glass

Craignure Pier

Doog Doog

Brilliant pics,Alex & Stu.

Good assortment guys,but don't see any of Tobermory so here goes.

Duart Castle


Loch Scridain,Isle of Mull

Calgary Bay,Isle of Mull

Long forgotten boats at Salen,Isle of Mull

Fionnphort Bay,Isle of Mull

Pier on Ben More Estate,Isle of Mull

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