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Closet Canadian

My Auld Family Hoose in Strathblane

Born in Canada, now living in the United States, I found this item on what is most certainly a link to my Scottish heritage.

Thom's House and Skitter Street

Thom's house was a two storey house in the Dumbrock bleachfields now known as the "horses' field". It had no sanitation and water was fetched from the spring that is still there . It also had a number of fruit trees in the garden. The lane down the side of the football pitch next to the horses field is known as Thom's Lane.

The owner of Thom's house , presumably Thom himself ,was noted for keeping a pig and for running up debts. His solution to his short term cash flow was to promise a leg of the pig in settlement of his debts. It was frequently the case that he promised more pig's legs than he had. Unfortunately, he was unable to breed pigs with more than four legs! Not only did Thom breed pigs but he was said to be a very untidy person who allowed animals & hens to wander round the house and turn it into a midden. It is not known when the house, almost certainly the white structure in the fore-ground, was built or indeed when it was demolished. It is known it was there in 1906.

The Thom's from my grandfather's side came from the Strathblane parish and old great grandah worked as a water tunnel miner in Milngavie.
The Camerons on my grandmothers side were more well to do and came from Aberdeen. Old great grandah Cameron was an executive with a brewery there and was persuaded to emigrate to Canada under the pretext of extending company business interests abroad.
In fact, he was reputedly a notorious alcoholic who couldn't stay out of his own product and the brewery owners simply wanted shed of him. Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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