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National Galleries of Scotland

The National Galleries of Scotland have been featured in the Flickr Blog and have a set of Glasgow photographs shared.

As these have "No Known Copyright Restrictions" we should be ok to use them for Past Presents etc.

the Glasgow Set can be found here:

the Flickr Blog Article here:

and the National Galleries Flickr page here:

Nice yin  

If this is what they have to offer so far heres hoping they have loads more buried treasure.
Tell me this is not the grandest of buildings...

Lone Groover

Sure is !

What / Where is it ?

Lone Groover wrote:
Sure is !

What / Where is it ?

Its the principal building from the 1888 Exhibition held at Kelvingrove. Building covered a huge area, roughly from the Cameronians memorial all the way to Gray Street and was a temporary building. The current Kelvingrove museum was built for the 1901 International Exhibition and was funded by the profits of the 1888 exhibition
Lone Groover

How the hell does something that size become temporary ?

Oh I get it, changing rooms made it out of MDF  
Alex Glass

I have seen a book of photos of both the 1901 and 1911 Exhibitions.

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