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Need help finding pics of Glasgow in the 50s

Hi all

I am editing a book for my father-in-law to be published online about his memories of selling insurance and later being a collector in the credit trade in Glasgow in the 50s and 60s.

I am ideally looking for a photograph I can use for the front cover of a man standing outside a typical Glasgow tenemant, looking at it. The man shouldn't be identifiable, so readers can assume it to be the author.

Also any other pics of 50s and 60s Glasgow might be useful as illustrations in the book.

I have had a good look through the pics in this forum but can't find anything ideal, also most of the pics seem to be from the 70s or later, or aerial photos, which isn't what I really want.

The book is really good though, very funny in parts - once it is published I will post a link, if I may - it will be free for the first week - some of you may find it a trip down memory lane.


OK, I found a few pics, but they weren't exactly what I needed, so I went down a different route.

Would it be permissible to post a link to the book? I think some people might find it interesting. Here is the blurb I wrote for it:

Often amusing, laugh out loud funny in parts, sometimes thought-provoking, and occasionally tear jerking, “Can You Come Back Next Week?” is an account of one young collector/salesman’s exploits and adventures selling goods on credit door to door in the poorer areas of Glasgow in the 50s and 60s. If you lived through those times, you will find memories galore in these words, and for those who did not, it proves an evocative glimpse into a time past, where a radiogram which loaded ten records at once was the height of luxury, to be paid for scrupulously week on week, even though your kids ran around in vests and bare bums. Set upon by a sword-wielding maniac, dangled from a twenty-first storey balcony, and being offered it “on a plate” in lieu of payment – life in the Credit Trade was certainly never dull! Forum Index -> Other Photography
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