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Need help to find a picture.

Can anyone help?

I'm looking for a picture of a Glasgow/Scottish police officer (head & shoulders portrait type) from circa 1912? Any picture will do as long as it's roughly period/uniform correct.

Tried google but I know some folks on here have access to archives and stuff?
Alex Glass

I am sure the Glasgow Police Museum should have what you need and if not they will have a uniform for you to do a self portrate.  

Haha, thanks Alex. Don't think I'm going to be fitting into a polis uniform anytime soon!!

Also, I need it by tomorrow!!!
Alex Glass

Tall order Cheesy

Good luck hopefully someone on here will have what you need

Thanks Alex.

Ah, I think I've found something suitable.
Alex Glass

Well done


Hope it is what you need Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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