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New buildings and their colours?


I was just wondering what is taken into account when there is a new development. I had friends staying with me for a couple of months and and they said Glasgow was wonderful, but couldn't understand the fixation with the colour grey. I agree, Ive been all over the planet, and to places that are are as  grey weather wise as Glasgow, however, they have rules that building need to be bright.  Just looking at the Clyde developments made me wonder -  all the building are grey. It looks dreadful on a wet autumn day.  grey is not in the rainbow.

You knowledge and opinions are wanted.

They have a habit of whitewashing some new builds and it just ends up tarnished and manky in the space of a year

aye, and any fancy wooded panelling goes all mossy.

brickwall wrote:
aye, and any fancy wooded panelling goes all mossy.

It's a good point. This is Glasgow. It rains. A lot. This is turn makes the streets
dirty and grimey and the surrounding buildings tend to get manky as well. Wood
panelled buildings are all well and good in some rural Swedish eco-plot, but in a
busy city like Glesga they're about as good an idea as flat roofed houses. Oh,  
hang on...

James H
Alex Glass

Developers planning applications are assessed against the City Plan (soon to be City Plan 2). I don't think it actually stipulates a colour but there is usually a requirement for the architect to take account of the surrounding area and any prominent building.

There is an application by Strathclyde University that you should look out for next week

There are lots of flat roofs throughout Glasgow City Centre which don't have any problems with the amount of rainfall. Sometimes it is down to the design or lack of thought as to how the rain is taken care of.

If anyone is interested I would be happy to try and get some copies of the City Plan.

to Urban Glasgow Brickwall

Yes, I would be interested to see that Alex. This colour thing is becoming  a bit of a grievance with me. I'm not saying every building should be yellow, I just feel that there should be a little more care taken. I don't believe it's a cost thing. Look at the lovely sand stone tenements, both red and beige, they look lovely when clean and don't look too miserable in the wet.

My two cents anyway, and BTW Alex, long time no speak. I hope you are well.
Alex Glass


The City Plan is a large folder so we will need to arrange for you to collect a copy and give us the chance for a catch-up

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