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New Tenements in Glasgow

Hello, I'm researching some of Glasgow's postwar tenements and tenement-like developments. I'm trying to find out as much as possible about them (who designed them, built them, when, who the client was, etc.) and I'm looking for help. The buildings I'm specifically interested in are varied, ranging from the big famous ones (320 Duke St, Ingram Sq, etc) and less well known stuff.

To begin, does anybody know anything about the (re)development of the Merrylee Housing estate, and also the renewal of Woodlands. I'm trying to find out about who built them, but also interesting details about the social side of them. For example, I know Woodlands's renewal was driven by the setting up of the Woodlands Community Development Trust, and that one Mrs Dorothy Henderson was instrumental in the areas redevelopment (she won a St Mungo's Medal for her efforts in 1979). But I don't know many other details.

Has anybody got any more on these two areas (to begin with... I've lots more questions)?

Thanks for your help.
Alex Glass

Maybe you need to speak with a Planning Officer or a visit to the Mitchell Library may prove helpful. They have many old plans and you should be able to find out who the architect was if they do have the plans.
Micheal Smith

Sorry if im am a mile out but is this not general information that can be found at the local library? Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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