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Not Glasgow in the 70s - 1. PAISLEY

Finger duly extracted, the first in an occasional series.

I was getting bored with tramping the streets of Glasgow (lamentable lack of dedication, I know, but I had no idea that anyone would ever take any interest in what I was producing) and, lacking any personal transport, began going by train or SMT bus to pastures new. I only ever shot a few random frames here and there, nowhere covered in any depth, and with an misguided bias towards historic buildings, castles and churches instead of streets and tenements.

So, Wednesday 24th July 1974, and a train to Gilmour St for a wander round with the trusty Yashica. I havenít wielded a camera in Paisley before or since, so this is all there is, however unsatisfactory (and it is).

Causeyside St. at George St.

Causeyside St.

Meetinghouse Lane, the former Oakshaw East Secession Church.

The High Church.

School Wynd at Moss St.

Oakshaw St. East at School Wynd.

Wellmeadow St.

Silk St.


St Georgeís, George St.

Sandholes St.


West Brae. I havenít found a map which shows a church here. The 1868 town plan doesnít, but as the architecture looks very late Victorian, 1890s Iíd say, it wouldnít.

West Brae at Wellmeadow St.

John Neilson Institution, at that time Oakshaw High School.


Gaelic Chapel, Oakshaw.

Fantastic mate.

And so it starts again... Streapadair has been back under the stairs  

Top dollar stuff.

Marvelous stuff, streapadair.  

James H

Thanks, guys. There's more to come, eventually, but it's all sketchier than an art class.

Doog Doog

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