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Alex Glass

Not Long For This World

A chance to post photos of any individual buildings or parts of them before they are demolished.

Rather than start a threat that will only have limited interest I thought it best to start this thread.

The Spires Cafe, City Chambers

As part of the Council's Tomorrow's Office alterations the cafe, which was located on the roof of the East wing of the Chambers above the Burgh Court, is being demolished. Here are a few shots before if goes.

The interior


Alex Glass

The exterior


Great set Alex  

love them Alex..

Nazarene Church Burgher st. being demolished soon.

Hi Alex ,I have had a few lunches in Spires Cafe, it wasn't too bad, cheap too
Well done in getting some shots, we would have never have known about its demise
When did it close?

Bye for now, norrie
Alex Glass

Not sure when it finally closed but sure it was about two years ago at least.

does anyone else know of a building which is due for demolition?

Hi Alex, the tenement at Bridgeton Cross is being worked on just now

Sorry if this has been discussed elsewhere, but when is 15 linkwood cres in Drumchapel coming down?
Alex Glass

I don't know Kirsty but I am sure there will be someone here who will know and hopefully someone can get a couple of photos before it is demolished.

i know there are plenty of community groups raging over the linkwood drive decision.

Glasgow street lighting

A Thread for Glasgows old street lighting...

Mosspark Drive - Mosspark, October 2014


Chirnside Road - hillington

Invergyle Drive - Cardonald

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