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now this is real street photography ;p

i hope you enjoy

Brilliant site ... Alas the days of shooting the kiddly winks playing are long gone in this oppressive society where the street photographer is labelled as a terrorist or weirdo but its probably a small price to pay to keep them safe.

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she has blown me away
she's like a happy diane arbus with the odd of bit of weegee thrown in

glad you liked cybers =]

Donna ..My mum and dad took loads of this kind of stuff out in Kenya in the late 50s.
There are boxes of them in my mums attic.. there are a load of car crash pics showing all these beautiful 50s cars gore..everone used to get pissed and drive apparently...if I get a chance I,ll post some

Her paraffin lamp shots are amazing ... her selfies leave a lot to be desired but each to their own. Love the Grizzled face of the old guy  #16 and the tramp at #22 in the New York 1 portfolio, and the lady at #6 is stunning but its a strange photo for a portfolio I thought.

look forward to seeing them kev
aww i like her sp cybers
especially these 2

this shot just screams eggleston to me

i totally fell in love with this shot

is this the one u mean ?

The last one has that Springtime in Paris feel to it i dunno why but that is the fair maiden i meant .... Wonderful facial features.

i just love the blur at the bottom of the image
it's like a still from a hitchcock movie

There are some crackers in there, I like the ones that leave you wondering what was going on or what is outside the frame.
Cheers for that dmk

cell really glad you enjoyed it
it's good to look at the work of the true greats of photography
it's also good to burst our own little bubble and get real about our own photography ;p
Vox Phantom

Yup superb.

glad u liked it vp =]

perhaps some of you might be interested in the above exhibition
it runs until 3rd march 2012

i'm not on commision honest lol
i just feel it's important to support galleries that are dedicating space to photography

oh and it's FREE btw  Forum Index -> Other Photography
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