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Old 1975 Glasgow Guide

Have been pretty busy recently so haven't had a chance to post this before now. I've uploaded an old Glasgow 1975 Guide/Programme of Events
It's been a while however heres a fairly large post containing the contents of an old Programme of Events commemorating the 800th anniversary of the granting of the Glasgow Burgh Charter.
It's over 40 pages long so I've left out some of the less interesting pages such as adverts. I've posted the full thing here

Hope you enjoyed looking, these were the most interesting parts of the book.

Nice find there Robo, I especially like how the Clydesdale Bank traded on the fact it was Scottish back then! Oh how times change!!!  

I mind getting a school mug with that logo on it at Barrowfield Primary.

That STV advert was pish.... imagination lacking

It served them well though Stu and they were still using it well into the 80's though i do admit someone probably got twa bob for the coffee machine for it.

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