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Old 60's and 70's buildings - University project

Hello all just discovered this site in my research and a great little forum you've carved out here, thank you for the information, very much planning on going to lennox castle this weekend off the back of what was said, ANYWAY!

Was hoping to ask a question, I'm at the university of Strathclyde doing a project on outer envelopes of buildings and how they can be repaired/improved to be more energy effient. So at this stage I'm looking for buildings that  were built in the 60's-80's that could do with some help.

Buildings I'm looking into at the moment are;
The dental school,
The art school buildings
Ernest and young building in george square (george house)
The swallow hotel on paisley road west
The barrowlands (although thats kind of a non-starter I found the owner/man I talked to very rude and unhelpful)
And Kentigern house (the MoD monstrosity on Argyle street)

So I was hoping to gain suggestions from the knowledge base that is here, does anybody have any suggestions of buildings anywhere in or around glasgow that could fit what I'm looking for?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

Welcome to Urban Glasgow CM...
Sounds like a fantastic idea for a project and i wish you all the very best with it.
Alex Glass

Have you discussed this with anyone in the Council's Planning Department CM?

They may be able to help you out with a few suggestions and maybe even contacts
Lone Groover

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