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Old Churches and Burial Grounds

While researching my ancestors, (they lived on George St, which is now Rogart St Mile End) I noticed a nearby church named Christ Church Episcopal Church, on Brook St. According to old maps, it had a fairly large burial ground attached which has been covered over by industries. I was wondering what they would have done with the old graves, would they have been re-interred somewhere else? or just paved over. On google earth it looks like the church is still there but changed considerably over the years, the only building still standing from long ago.

The church is indeed still there but the cemetery was long before my time. Perhaps someone will know the answer as this place always seems to surprise me with little off the cuff titbits of knowledge shared.

Thanks, hope the poor souls are not still there.

Christ Church Episcopal
The Clergy House is still there and has been refurbished, aerial view of church long since demolished.

What a great shot! so the street to the right would be where my gt grandparents lived around 1910. Thank you. I see the telephone exchange building still stands as well. Looks like it once was a thriving community.

What are your grandparents names and street number? I can check the 1913 valuation roles

I found them in the 1911 census at 118 George St. Their names were  Charles and Francis Edwards, their daughter Rose was my grandmother, thank you for your interest.

Had a look and for some reason, I can only find up to 112. The problem with the archive is it's not spot on with  the search engine and I think 118 is on the border between ward 2 and 3

Thanks you for trying

Hi wrote  "it had a fairly large burial ground"
Christ Church Mile End, Glasgow Block Plan link
This showing how they planned to develop this site (no graveyard)
1914 map from The National Library of Scotland again with no graveyard
link please zoom in on map.
This is where I found it, just  curious, not important. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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