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Vinny the Mackem

Old Clubs Anderston Area Early 1990's

A mate of mine has posed a question about a club that he attended on one occasion in Anderston.  He thinks it was the early 1990's.  Only thing he can really remember is that he had to walk from Argyle Street under the Kingston Bridge heading west.  He thinks it may have been in Piccadilly Street, but definitely around that area.

Couple of suggestions have popped up.  I know that at the top end of Cheapside Street (pretty much exactly where he would end up if walking from Argyle Street) there is a building which at one point had been a nightclub.  I understand it was also a seafood restaurant, so that might jog some memories.  

The other suggestion is that it could have been the Soundhaus which was at the top of Hydepark Street.  Their website suggests they opened in 1995.  He thinks he was there before that, but there is no reason to think that the Soundhaus building didn't contain a nightclub before 95.

Any of you good folk have any ideas of names of these establishments, or any other that could have been in the Piccadilly/Cheapside/Hydepark areas?

He is convinced that it was not the Rat Trap in Brown Street as he remembers having to walk under the Kingston, which he would not have needed to do if he had been going to the Rat Trap.

Thanks in advance!  

I found this on Hidden Glasgow!  

Does anyone remember Madam Gillespies. It was on Argyle Street almost under the motorway.

I seem to remember that it had a stripper on Sunday night, but they wern't allowed to go the whole way. The barmen used to all were Togas and would perform some sort of show during the evening. It was good whilst it lasted but was too far out of the magic triangle of pubs - Waterloo - Austins - Sadie Frosts and Bennets (when it was good).

Yes I remember it very well. The Bar was downstairs and they had a "disco" upstairs. I was there nearly every night! It was great when it started.

The original manager was called Robert and the staff were mostly all cute young drama students - one went by the drag name of Bernice Hindley (complete with blonde wig) and unknown to him it was myself who used to send him/her the letters from his "Auntie Myra" which he read out during his "spot" - much to the amusement of the audience who were delighted by the complete bad taste. Tee Hee

There was always entertainment - there was a Madame Gillespie herself who was a young guy in drag who could really sing, and the staff used to "do" the Andrews Sisters singing "Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy" in full costume as well as many other elaborate costume numbers such as Madonna's "Vogue". They also had one of those bucking bronco horse contraptions. I also remember they had Hazel Dean perform live one evening.

The rumour was that the takings disappeared (I'm not saying it was true) and the place re-opened with one of the Bar Staff as the new manager - kinda Greek guy I remember.

As you say it was a bit far out (and the junkie hostel across the road didn't help the old queens feel safe in the area) but it could EASILY have succeeded with a bit of intelligence - all they needed was a minibus (preferably pink) picking up in the city centre and dropping off again - may have cost them 50 a night in those days? Peanuts, and it would have brought the punters in.

It closed down for a while then a local elderly transvestite known as Glass Eye Glenda took it over for all of a month and it shut again. Finally the 2 dykes - Martha and Kelly - who had made a shambles of the GLC cafe bar took it over and that was the death knell - those two couldnae run a tap never mind a bar.

there was defo a nightclub where you say as i knew a couple of the doormen.cant recall the name though.there was a chinese restaurant later on in years in the same area mostly aimed at group party bookings but once again the name escapes me.actually for some reason the name carousel comes to mind for the club,not sure though.

Could it be Brown St and Hollywood Studios which later became home to the Cathouse
Vinny the Mackem

Alan, if his info is anywhere near accurate, he doesn't think so - I'd already canvassed that one before posting this.  He is pretty convinced that he had to walk under the Kingston coming from the city centre, which would rule Brown Street out of the equation.


Don't know if this will help you guys
I only know it was called something 73
First name is anyone's guess

Wasn't there a place down near The Kingston Bridge called The Power Station, seem to remember going there for a live show.

just found out today that the 147 club was next to gillespies and might be the very place vinnie the mackem was looking doubled up as a snooker/nightclub and had a 3 am license. Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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