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There are also ruined farm buildings further west, just outside Hillington. If the weather's nice over the weekend I'll try and get some pics.

Here's a Google Earth capture.

Looking at your maps Scally, these buildings will be the ones above the 'O' in Arkleston on your first map and across the road from the '48' on the second.

The ruined farm buildings were called East Arkleston Farm. Here's a photo I took of it from Arkleston Road looking north, January 1981:-


Went for a walk with the wee man yesterday and got some photos.


Nice ones cheesy and neil  

Cheers Scally, I didn't see Neil's pic until I was posting mine up or I would've done one from the same angle for a P&P comparison.

Iv wondered what this was for years lol

Im 22 now but when i was about 15 me and some pals went over the bridge and discovered this wee ruin, We thought it wasa great place to hang out, I dont know why but i think in the summer il go over and have a wee look at it again.
I always wondered what it was, If it was a house or what but thanks for the pics and stuff, now i know :)
Alex Glass

Hi Davieboy

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