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Old train platform - Botanics

Hi All,

I have read some previous threads about this but haven't managed to find any recent ones. I am looking to take some photos on the old train platform inside the botanics. The entrance inside the botanics is now totally sealed over with metal sheets. The entrance in Kelvingrove park (just under gibson street) is also totally sealed. Does anyone know if there are any accessible entrance that can still be used?

Any help much appreciated.


Kirklee Station but as far as i am aware now has 12ft spiked fence with combination lock.

AKA the bollock scraper...better bring a ladder or a guid friend!  

Ok. It sounds like unless I have a rope ladder (I don't) then this is out. Another recommendation I was given from a photographer is the old biscuit factory in Kinning Park. Does anyone know whether this is easily accessible?

I would say so as its gone Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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