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Old Union Line Just off Todd Street


This is my first post and like many others want to thank everyone for the amazing pictures posted. One of the best is the before and after of the bridges at the bottom of Carntyne Road.

The reason I have joined is to advise that there is some sort of infill of part of the old Union line going on behind the John Wheatley College, Duke Street. Anyone know what is happening?


New infill or the bit at Haghill Road shown below? If it's the latter, it's been
like that a long time. I assume the bridge that was there needed taken down
so they just infilled the gap. Personally, I think this line should be protected
and brought back into use with electification of Queen Street high level planned.
It could serve as a diversionary route to Edniburgh via Bathgate if required.

James H

plans for shoebox luxuries in there so a backfill would be an option.

Landfill of Old Union Line Haghill


This is my fist post so hope it`s in the right place.

Noted that part of the old union line behind john Wheatley College in Haghill is being in filled. Looks like the college is expanding or new housing? Perhaps not a bad thing as the whole area looks bleak with little happening after many houses were demolished.

Pictures would be good...

James H

The infill has been happening over the past few weeks and has involved the removal of old weeds/ bushes/trees etc.

Now that the site behind John Wheatley to Todd Street is complete, they have started on the other side of the small bridge which is where I took some pics.

In one way it`s really sad to see this happen but as you can imagine the old track bed was covered in all sorts of debris that has been dumped there over the years.

Not sure how to post my pics on the site as yet.



Fury at landfill firm's planning consent bid (© Evening Times)

The firm behind an illegal landfill in a Glasgow railway cutting is to apply for
retrospective planning permission to carry out work it has already completed.

Clydeview Development was last month ordered to stop dumping at the site,
in Haghill, after it was found to be carrying out major engineering works without
consent to do so. However, it has now agreed to apply for permission to fill in
the cutting, at Appin Road, Haghill, after a temporary stop notice expires today.

A council spokesman said officials would deal with any retrospective application
"once it is submitted". He added: "Council officers met with company representative
Jason Forster a few weeks ago, after which it was decided that a retrospective planning
application for the unauthorised ground engineering work must be submitted. The
council's planning team would require drawings, detailed planning information on
issues such as infill materials, drainage impact and a timescale - including a
programme of works - for restoration of the site."

Furious residents- who claim they have still to hear anything from local officials or
the company about the work - have vowed to oppose planning permission. Susan
McGurk, of Appin Road, has seen a 30ft deep railway cutting at the end of her garden
filled in with no notice and no permission. She said: "Nobody has been in touch from
the council and nobody has been in touch from the firm. Somebody should come
down and tell us what is going on. We have no idea what has been dumped in
that site. We will object to planning permission being granted - if anybody consults us."

It is not clear how much has been dumped in the cutting, once earmarked for a
cycle path but now almost entirely filled in. Industry sources suggest it now contains
tens of thousands of tonnes of rubble and earth from construction and demolition sites.
The council's temporary stop notice was served to a Jason Forster and to two
companies both named as Clydeview Development Limited, one registered in
the offshore haven of the Isle of Man and the other in Blantyre, Lanarkshire. The
Scottish company, created in 2009, has never filed annual accounts. This summer an
action to have it struck off the company registered was suspended.

The Lanarkshire company shared an address with a firm called Strathclyde Truck
and Plant Ltd, which is now in liquidation. That company's director, James Gaffney,
was previously a director of the Scottish-registered company Clydeview Development

James H

Hi james, so who will clear all the infill, or will it be left anyway?

No one if they have to submit a retrospective application. Though why they have not been prosecuted under dumb dumper laws is anyones guess....

All very suspicious. This line should have been safegaurded as it potentially
provides another route from Queen Street High Level to Edinburgh once QS
is electrified.

James H

Haghill Branch

As an aside I had the dubious honour of, while a Second Man at Glasgow Eastfield shed, effectively closing the line! I was on a light engine travelling from Eastfield to Bathgate when we were deliberately derailed near Rigby St  by an object (track key) placed on one of the rails. The class 37 took so long to stop, even though we were only doing around 15mph, that it ripped up a sizeable length of track. It was deemed too costly to repair it so they just quietly closed it.


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