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peter kemp

Old War Medals

I found these old war medals recently. They have been around our house since I was a boy. They dont all belong to the same person. After first and 2nd WW many men pawned or lost thier medals. My own father pawned and lost his just after the war but later when in the TA he must have bought similar to his original ones. The sae applys to the WW1 ones.
There are a coulpe I dont know where they originate from. One is a Victorian Medal with Egypt on the back with a Sphinx and the other is a Cyprus meal presumably from the troubles in 50s/60s.
wee minx

Not medals but related I guess.  These were for sale in the Barras too.


Jesus thats a big helmet you have there minx  
Been in there many times was always amazed by the memorabilia for sale.
Anything from a hitler youth dagger to a norwiegian officers hand warmer. Forum Index -> Other Photography
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