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Jesus H Christ!

Banned from talking to each other for ten years for what was basically trespass with no criminal damage?


Yeah mate I posted this in January when it first hit the paper and it smacks of terrorism. Not on the part of The Urbexers but more on the part of the Judicial system and the government and their fear-mongering as a whole.

Hopefully if the English based courts system pass this and grant it the guys involved will take it to the European Courts of Human Rights and boot the crown office square in the baws. As it was bad enough yir maw telling yi who yi could talk to as a wean without they bastards telling yi yir no allowed to talk to yir wean pals as an adult.

Did you see the one in America  where the police cancelled a news teams first amendment rights ?
"We are cattle and we allow ourselves to be cattle by not speaking out against these oppressive regimes"

We already have a dick in power all we need now is the tator to appear... thank fcuk Camerons Dyslexic and the best he could come up with was Dick-Taker Clegg.

Oh a link to the polis in america rewriting the laws of america.


Here's a wee scary thing I heard today .. anyone signing an ATOS document in Scotland should be wary of the small print.

In there is a clause saying that the any court action taken in deferrence to the said signatured papers will be undertaken using English Law and English NHS and DWP statutes.

I've no idea if this is legal or not but the source of the info is *completely* reliable.


James H

Perhaps they were just bulk ordering stationary in the off chance emperor eck closes the border aff and involves the irish to help us put the wall back up  



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