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peter kemp


In the late 1960s an old Paisley friend of mine took a wee bus run. From London to Dehli. Something that has nt been possible for many years. The first part takes us fron London to the back streets of Istanbul and beyond. This will take me a while . Meantime here is a taster. I have to say the wee man was no great photographer but to be in the right place at the right time CAN make a difference. Wee bit of history here too.

Nice pics peter.

and what a good wee site you have there.

i will have to have a good look at it soon.

I used to work with a mad woman who had made the journey from Edinburgh to Tehran in the name of love....
She had some cracking pics and 8mm from her journey as well as one of those
tales you can tell your grandkids...

Used to sit riveted at tea time when she spoke about it.

I got the bus to Inverary once *nods*
peter kemp

From Turkey to Iran.
Not MacDonalds but Iranian teashop.
peter kemp

Fruit market, Herat western Afghanisten, Citadel beyond dates from Alexander the Great.

Excellent shots Pete.
peter kemp

Celtic supporters bus???
peter kemp

Could this be the Glasgow Barras in a couple of years???? Forum Index -> Other Photography
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