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Pailey cinema tragedy

from today's evening times,

Both sides of my family are from Paisley - I'm the only weegie and proud of it ;-)

My mother was born the year after the events described here but the story has always been told at family gatherings that my uncle and 2 aunts were desperate to go to the pictures that day but my grandmother didn't have any money to give them.

It's a sobering thought and difficult to imagine what it must have done to the town at the time and for years afterwards.


Huge Spread on this on the BEEB news site but i dunno how to insert it.... James ?
Doog Doog

I think they have a memorial service every year.

Children killed in Paisley cinema disaster remembered (BBC)

A ceremony to mark the 80th anniversary of Britain's worst cinema disaster, in
which 71 children died, is to be held in Renfrewshire.

The tragedy at Glen Cinema, Paisley, on 31 December 1929, unfolded when
smoke from a film canister caused panic inside the auditorium. The children
who died were crushed when escape doors failed to open.

Several survivors will attend a wreath-laying ceremony at Paisley Cenotaph
on Thursday morning. Almost 1,000 children were inside the cinema for a matinee
performance of action-packed films when the tragedy unfolded.

An assistant film operator spotted smoke coming from a film container. He
tried to smother the highly flammable film but the container sprang open and
smoke and fumes entered the auditorium.

In the resulting stampede to leave the cinema hundreds of children rushed to
stairs which led down to exit doors. Many were crushed by the force of the
other children behind them as the emergency exit doors were designed to open
inwards instead of out.

By the time rescuers smashed their way into the cinema through the windows
about 150 children were either dead or injured.


James H


mass funeral to Hawkhead cemetery..    

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