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Park plan for Gallowgate gap site

Park plan for Gallowgate gap site ( Evening Times)

A plan to transform a derelict site on the border of Glasgow city centre and the East End
has been lodged with the city council.

As part of a 3.5million regeneration the idea is to create a park in the disused space at
Gallowgate, near Glasgow Cross. The council will also look for private investment. The
area was home to the Schipka Pass, where local man Dick Barton turned the site linking
London Road to the Gallowgate into a flea market.

Despite the site being earmarked by developers for construction around seven years ago,
the plans fell through following the recession. There was another blow almost three years
ago after a blaze swept through the site and destroyed a row of shops along the north
side and the outlets were demolished.

The gap-site, which is bounded by the Gallowgate, London Road, St Andrews Lane and
Moir Street, is now overgrown. Negotiations are underway between the council and firms on
what the park will contain and, if it gets the go-ahead, work will be completed by summer.

As part of the first phase of the project, the building on the south side of the area, which
is unoccupied, would be demolished. Lighting, landscaping and seating are some of the
measures which could be put in place over the next few months, with a view to doing more
work next year. The work is part of the multi-million pound action plan for the Calton and
Barras area, which aims to regenerate the market and surrounding area.

Calton councillor Yvonne Kucuk hopes the work will help to shape the area into a tourist
destination. She told the Evening Times: "This ties into the action plan. There is such a
buzz about the area and people who live here are excited and they want to have their say.
I think we are having something of a renaissance in this area. The focus is now on the
Barras and the Calton and we are going to rival the Merchant City."

The Evening Times previously told how shops in the area can apply for funding towards
improvements. The grant scheme, which is also part of the council's 3.5m plan, allows
owners to undertake repairs, redecorate and upgrade signage. Ms Kucuk said: "All these
public realm improvements, from the shop fronts to the work at Gallowgate, will help get
more people to come to this area."

Another local councillor George Redmond said the proposals had been "long overdue". He
said: "In around 2006/07 planning consent had been given for the development of homes
in that area but after the collapse of the banks it all fell through. It has been an eyesore
for some time and it's fair to say this is long overdue."

Residents in the area have received notices of the planning application. Mr Redmond said:
"I've already had constituents get in touch to say they are pleased about this movement. This
will be an urban green space in the heart of the city centre."

A Glasgow City Council spokesman said: "I can confirm that the council has made an
application for the formation of temporary public park including partial infilling of site and
associated landscaping, seating, lighting and resurfacing of existing footways following
demolition of existing buildings."

James H

Rather a park than a wasteland/dump or more cheaply build flats.

Any regeneration and change of use plan until something more solid is confirmed has to be a good thing rather than a crushed brick strewn wasteland. Besides another green place within the city boundaries is always a welcome sight !

Especially for the jaikies. They've not had a spot for a city centre garden
party since the gap site that straddled the High Street/Bell Street/Gallowgate
block was finally built on...

James H

Street drinking was outlawed anyway besides where else are the wee junkies gonny get a suntan when its "Tapzaff" weather  

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