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robert Goldie

Parkhouse farm Barrhead

Hi am new to this. Interested to read about people s memories of park house. Mr Winkler was my father in law he wasn't actually the byreman but was a ploughman.The stalky man with thick curly hair would most likely be Sanny Mercer he was a ploughman at Windlaw farm also owned by  mr James Clark. Hope this is of interest  any other info I will be delighted to help . Cheers 🍻 RG
Alex Glass

Robert very sorry I have taken so long to respond to your post. Not been on here for a while.

I would be very interested in reading about the farms and farmers of old Nitshill. Do you have a book or just lots of recollections from back in the day when Nitshill was surrounded by farms?

We have a great section here about Nitshill and I am sure lots more people would be very interested in any information or stories of the farms and farmers. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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