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Vinny the Mackem

Patently Offensive

Friend of mine posted something on Facebook which was along the lines of "you have an object on your left, and an object on your right, and you're being attacked by a zombie - you need to use whatever is on your left and your right - what are you attacking the zombie with" or words to that effect. The post got quite silly, as one might imagine.

Now, as part of that, one of the responses included "a piece of paper" to which the poster wondered whether he could paper-cut a zombie to death (again). As a result of that, I (in joke) took a photograph of a piece of paper reading "fcuk off Zombies" and suggested he pass that to the zombies to buy some time ... much hilarity all round.

However I posted the photograph onto Photobucket. They blocked the image, and it's taken me a week to get an explanation. All they said initially was that it violated their terms and, after they said a couple of reasons in their terms that simply didn't exist, came up with "we can delete whatever we want" and finally "we consider the word "fcuk" to be offensive"

Anyone here consider either the word "fcuk" or the terms "fcuk off zombies" to be "Patently offensive".

Sorry to get on my high horse, but I'm a little bit miffed.

It violates copyright held by The French Connection.
They have tried unsuccesfully to sue a few message boards because of the way they have their auto checker set up...

Tell the to fcuk off and go get flickr
Vinny the Mackem

He he!

Already set up a Flikr account this afternoon. Just need to find an east way to import the stuff - can't be arsed uploading it all again but I am expecting them to close it on my behalf. Got most of the photies on the phone and I've downloaded the small amount I don't have onto the PC. If anyones interested here's the offending picture:

and my sanitised version uploaded to photobucket this afternoon after my email exchange! :)


Or you could try telling flicker to go phuque themselves

very tempting for mischievous clicking

Uploaded with[/img]

me...pure   but ah love it..  

You could do it in a Kelvinside accent 'phuq orf'

The photograph put me in mind of an email that was doing the rounds a while ago - Give generously to help people suffering from Mute Tourettes Syndrome Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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