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I seem to be having more and more issues with Flickr recently re uploading photos (I have not been able to upload more than one photo at a time, if at all since Monday) and I am thinking of looking to move to another, looked at SmugMug and Ipernity - Anyone got any feedback on these.



I have the same problem, very slow then failed to upload comes up, i've went back to using the old uploader  

Still using Photobucket and its been a good deal better the past while
I may regret saying that

Flickr had a issue with the scripted uploader and even with stand alone uploadr it takes forever and a day to process.

The solution seems to be clearing the browser cache and dumping the cookies, Though yahoo are also in the process of bringing two new farms online.

Ipernity is ok but they get arsey about photoblogging or posting to forums.

Cheers guys, Hopefully Flickr gets it's act together but always good to look at alternatives  

I use the Lightroom plug-in with flickr and haven't had any problems with it recently, that being said I haven't been uploading a lot of photos at a time. Hope they get it sorted out soon SB Forum Index -> Other Photography
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