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Photo program

Can anyone recommend a good free program to enhance some of my photos? I just want to play about with the colours, contrast etc to see if i can get some good enough for framing.


Can this post be moved to the photography questions link. Me being a silly old git wasnt paying attention when i posted it.

gimp 2 link.

Cheers. I'll give it a go.


I'm surprised I got the reply in the right section. Too much of messrs Whyte and Mackay last night

Try these

Adobe photoshop cs2 is free now...get it off their site

me wrote:
Adobe photoshop cs2 is free now...get it off their site

just ignore the red scary stuff at the top of the page to get it straight from the horses....

install it, use one of the codes from adobe

then right click the icon, properties, compatibility, tick the box that says "run this programme...." then select one thats eh compatible

legit free version

Cheers everyone. I'm going to download a couple of the programs and see which one is easiest to use then take it from there.

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