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Photograghy and the law in Scotland.

Hi All

First post,

Can anyone put me on the right track. There is a neighbour who walks his dog past my house. The dog fouls the grass in front of my living room widow.

The dog walker leaves the poo and walks away. This happens about 50% of the time.

I started to video him as proof but he picked it up when he knew he was been photographed.

He reported me and The Police came to my door and told me I was breaking the law because I was photographing the dog walker.

Can someone tell me if I can photograph someone from my living room window who is dog fouling outside my house.

I am very confused.


The police must have something better to do than annoy you?

I know. but I still need to know if I am breaking the law.

At this moment I don't know if I am.

No you are not, Unless you are posting the images to social media with malicious unfounded claims against the neighbour.
If you were breaking the law then councils police and every other company who uses CCTV would also be breaking the law. The police would take into account any previous "bad blood" between neighbours and actually may view what you are doing as harassment but that is an entirely different thread.

Thanks for quick reply.

That is very re-assuring.

If he continues to contact the Police every time I photograph him I may get in touch with a solicitor.


Hi ben,an  interesting article

The street I live in is all open front gardens and someone let their dog pee in my front garden... I let it meet my dog who is that bigger dog that every cunty wee dog is scared of

On a serious not, GCC has an environmental task force that'll nip it in the bud for you Forum Index -> Random Rubbish
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