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Photographs/films of Govanhill

Hi all!

I'm new to this and this is my first post but here goes..

I am looking for old photographs and possibly film footage of Govanhill and surrounding areas to include as part of a film, photobook and exhibition for a local community project. I don't want to go on too much here, but I'll explain a little about the project...

Govanhill People's History is aimed at researching and producing a social history of Govanhill. We are in the process of conducting interviews with residents of the area past and present to hear their story and also look into the different groups who have lived in the area over the years. I am currently trying to create a memory-scape from these recordings and am trying to source old photographs and filmic footage to illustrate these people's memories.

I've been looking through the forums on this site and have found some amazing photographs but obviously I cannot and would not use them without the permission of the people posting.

If you'd like to find out any more information then here are some links!

Hi Ghillpeoples, not sure what your looking  for, I have many photos of Govanhill on this site but they may not be old enough for you
I do not wish for any of my Glasgow photos to appear on FB without a watermark, I have had trouble with FB before and they deleted the offending photos
If I have anything you would like, I can email you watermarked copies


Thanks a lot for replying! Unfortunately watermarked photographs are not a lot of good for us, as we're hoping to incorporate them into a short film or book. In this case, if the photographs were appropriate for us then we would acknowledge you at the end? We are also looking to create a website at the end of the project. In this case, we would exclude the photos or put a small watermark on them. I know this might not be ideal for you and I understand your scenario!

My email is if this would not be a problem!

Thanks for your time

Hi ghillpeoples, well the watermark would not be that big to be honest, certainly not as big as whats on my Parkhead photos
Dare say we can reach can an reach agreement, if you see anything thats good enough for your site Forum Index -> Other Photography
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