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Photography Guidelines and Help

The aim of this thread is to lay out general guidelines for the posting of photography within this sub-forum and set out instructions on where to host pictures and how to link them.

A note about the guideline : These guidelines are exactly that... guidelines. They are not set in stone but a general level of sense is required. It should go without saying that picture should not be pornographic, racist or anything else that may hurt, offende or upset.

1. Every member of the forum may post whatever picture they wish to share. It doesnt need to be a work of art or a work of photoshop. It is up to the person what they post.

2. Pictures should be posted within relevant thread. Depending on the picture content, it could be suited to more than one thread. Members are requested to check the options and post to what they think is most relevant. A quick search of the entire forum may reveal better suited threads.

3. Forum members are entitled to comment on pictures posted by other members. This can included negative comment if they are of a critique, but this does not include flaming or insulting someone. Creative comments should be welcomed but used with tact. The admin and moderators of the forum reserve the right to remove any comment they deem as too offensive.

4. Keep It Tidy! This is in regard to deleting photos from the hosting site. If you do wish to remove or replace them, you may have to edit your post to stop the picture vanishing from the forum. Admin and moderators may edit or delete posts containing dead links.

Picture hosting instructions coming soon

Hi Guys,

Seems there is a wee issue just now in the BBCode options of Flickr.
This is causing little issues with the layout of the page. Below i have
included a quick wee graphic to help things along and keep the page
justification intact.

In the first image all the highlighted argument needs to be on another
line, So if you put your cursor between the url][url and hit enter this
will solve the coding issues and give you a similar layout as image two.
You could also just delete all of the text highlighted as the photo still
carries the Flickr page redirect as laid out in their community rules.

Cheers, Cybs Forum Index -> Other Photography
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