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Photography project

I am currently doing photography at school, for my folio I have made subjects of what I would like to photograph. One of these include "Run-down buildings in the city" I am looking for interesting buildings in Glasgow, preferably near the city centre. Can anyone give me suggestions please? Thank you.

Yes, Get your trainers on and start walking...

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Hi kdinmore, check out my photos on this site, I have  loads of shots of buildings in Glasgow, City Centre is the best thread to check
Off the top of my head there are a couple of buildings in Argyle st, Anderston area, that are derelict, Lion Chambers in Hope st has been empty for years, Egyptian Rooms in Union st has been scaffolded up for years and there are plans for a hotel, Trongate on or two there also
That's some to be going on with, the rest you will find as you wander around the City Centre

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Alex Glass

If you are only looking for photos of outside the building it is easy to walk past as Fastnet said however if you want to get inside then you need to be careful and it is best to arrange access rather than risk anything going into a derelict building. Health and safety is the key mate and don't risk getting hurt.

If you select any buildings maybe one or two people on here can advise how you need to speak with to get safe access.

Try taking a wee walk around Tradeston area like Cook Street and Commerce Street. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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