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Plans unveiled for a new waterside town near Shotts

Plans unveiled for a new waterside town in Lanarkshire  (BBC)

Industrial wasteland near Shotts in North Lanarkshire is to be transformed into
a new waterside town, under proposals announced by developers.

Hazledene Homes Ltd wants to build a 85m community around a man-made l
ake in an area known as Torbothie. The first phase would see 120 homes built
with long term plans for more properties, a pier, cafes and shops.

A public consultation will take place before a formal planning permission application
is submitted. The developer said the town would, so far as possible, be constructed
by local builders and tradesmen, helping reduce unemployment in the area.

It would be built around an expanse of water known locally as the Voe. The
first houses would be constructed on the site of a demolished ironworks and
coal-washing plant.

Mark Shaw, chief executive of the Hazledene Group, said: "In its totality, at
around 1,400 homes, including the 400 or so in the existing Torbothie area,
this development has the potential to become a small town able to support
the adjacent public facilities between it and Shotts, but also able to support
small local shops and other community services at the heart of the new Torbothie.

"The proposed development has outstanding potential for the economic and
social renewal of the area in general, and for Shotts in particular."

The plans already have support from local politicians.

James H

Wonder if they have taken into consideration that the Voe regularly floods  Forum Index -> The Greater Glasgow Area
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