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Plant St - Netherfield St...

Builders have been busy building a new showmans base on the piece of ground that is plant st_Netherfield st just of duke st...

...couldn't quite work out what it was at first.

Looks like they are caging them in the same as they done at Downiebrae.

Maybe the showpeople are happy to be caged in as the ones I spoke to at Dalmarnock weren`t looking forward to relocating to a new area.

theres already some travellers staying there, theyre down next to the railway boundary fence.

John I know the guys from Rigby Street were asked about possible relocation and were dead set against the idea after all many have lived there now for generations and have ties to the local area. What seems to be overlooked is the fact that they may be from travelling stock but it is home now for many who still want to retain the ways without the burden of the gourgie.

Stevie think those guys near the fence are the families that have lived there for years anyway. Has anyone any ideas where the relocated the families that were based at Beechgrove and Ashgrove Street, Dalmarnock

My aunt and uncle lived in Plant street though way before my time. They moved from there to right above the Ally bar due to demolition of the houses there i think. Sadly they're no longer with us or id ask if they had any pics from 50 years ago Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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