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Plean Street Pyramid.

Mentioned in the other place is this unusual stucture.

I visited this knollish monolith this morning by way of a small investigative looksee.

PleanSt_Pyramidsm by Ross Allan, on Flickr

Walking down this morning I found the pyramid itself being spiral in nature, around 40 feet tall with an approximate diameter of around 80-100 feet. At the apex is a stainless steel mast like structure complete with metal flag.

moundsm by Ross Allan, on Flickr

Surrounding the pyramid are four equidistant open faced concrete 'pillar-box' type structures.

pitsm by Ross Allan, on Flickr

pit2sm by Ross Allan, on Flickr

Climbing the spiral to see if there was some sort of plaque indicating function or relevance reveals there was at one point such signage, unfortunately long since prised out and purloined by the natives.

mastbasesm by Ross Allan, on Flickr

I'm also presuming, however, that it doesn't have many of the local wildlife climbing the entire walkway of the spiral with any level of frequency as it has an abundance of mushrooms of what I'm pretty sure are the magic variety sprouting here, there and everywhere.

P1130642 by Ross Allan, on Flickr

So, in the interests of research (and given the facts there were loads of locals at nearby bus stops at that time in the morning) I brassed my case and asked a few people if they knew anything about the construction. A few blank faces were encountered but two blokes gave me the s.p. that although they didn't know the exact function of the thing it had something to do with commissioning procedure at B.A.E. Systems which dies have a ring of truth about it as it is definitely built high enough to be viewed from the yard over the local tenements.

I decided to take a hoof along Dumbarton Road to the West Dunbartonshire Council offices to get any information they had on things. Unfortunately when I arrived and broached the question I was scunnered to find that the Plean Street flats site is covered by Glasgow City Council and they didn't have clue one.

My sister is a risk assessment engineer for BVT Fleet in BAE Govan and has a plethora of contacts in the Scotstoun facility and feelers are already out to glean the exact function.

Watch this space.

Maybe its to remind the Government the share of bloody contracts awarded to the yards or how the bloody bung system works...

Did yi huv a listen to see if anything was going on underground see if Cornelius was planning an uprising anytimes soon ?
Doog Doog

Very intriguing...

Have to say it would make a cracking crazy golf hole..

Doog Doog wrote:
Very intriguing...

Have to say it would make a cracking crazy golf hole..

If thats the size o the flag yi can imagine the size o the club needed ....    

Its a modern art feature>

Glasgow Planning Ref: 10/02745/DC

Date Received:      09.11.2010                     Date Valid:     24.12.2010

some of the mound is the rubble from the flats themselves as after the flats where nibbled to death and the site cleared some of the concreate was left to make this mound! Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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