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Doog Doog

Polmadie demolition

Noticed today from the M74 that the industrial units next to Morris's Furniture
have been mostly demolished.
Can anyone remember who used them?

I noticed them the day we were down at Shawbridge, IIRC it was a refrigeration mob, Davie thought it was something to do with City Refrigeration but I think it was a different company. I remember delivering stuff in there in the late 90s but can't for the life of me mind who to

On some business sites they are still listed at Southcroft Road

Originally started by Lord William Haughey for not a lot of cash they were located next door to the T/A centre at Camp Road/Glasgow road in the late 80's early 90's before they got too big. Then they moved. Not sure if Asda now own them or not. One of Glasgow's success stories by all accounts. I had a mate who worked for them before he found the deadly love affair that was to be his undoing.

This site is on Rosyth Road though. City's did have two premises, the one at Southcroft Road was demolished during the construction of the M74 and the Camp Road one was demolished recently with the Clyde Gateway work opposite Shawfield. Their new premises are just next to the Southern Necropolis. Just had a wee check - it was Hussman's that were in there.

Ahhh ... Gotcha now.
Doog Doog

Cheers guys! Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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