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Power station site makes way for 550 new homes in East End

Power station site makes way for 550 new homes in the East End ( Evening Times)

Hundreds of new homes are to be built on the site of the former Dalmarnock Power station.

The 65million scheme will result in 550 properties for sale, social rent and shared equity on a derelict
site just yards from the Athletes' Village. Regeneration agency Clyde Gateway has sold the 22 acre site
for 5.7m to the Link Group - one of the largest social landlords in Scotland. Cash to buy the land was
provided by the city council.

The new housing will be built on the banks of the Clyde on a site which which has lain empty and derelict
for 40 years. A masterplan for the area is presently being drawn up and it is hoped work will start next
year and take around six years to complete. When complete, the Dalmarnock Riverside development
will see a wide range of properties for sale and rent.

Clyde Gateway chairman Lord Smith of Kelvin, said: "This deal epitomises what Clyde Gateway is all about.
We have stepped in to deal with market failure and having initially purchased the site and followed it up
with a spend of 3m on decontamination and infrastructure improvements beneath the4 surface, we have
now found a very able and willing development partner who will deliver the types and quality of housing the
community here requires.

"There 550 homes will complement perfectly the nearby Athletes' Village. What we are seeing and experiencing
here in this area is a truly world-class transformation with the likes of Dalmarnock railway station which recently
underwent an 11m refurbishment, the community owned Legacy Hub, the Emirates Arena and Sir Chris Hoy
Velodrome, the Police Scotland building and the soon to be built nursery and primary schools making an
unbelievable difference and fulfilling the legacy promises made when Glasgow first bid for the Commonwealth

Roy Stirrat, chairman of the Link Group, said the regeneration project would provide high quality housing for
the East End. He added: "Link has a design philosophy which embodies Clyde Gateway's master-planning aims
of high quality buildings and open space, creating a vibran t and cohesive and sustainable community. Link aims
to develop the site delivering a range of community benefits, including up to 76 new jobs to the Clyde Gateway
area which will provide a lasting legacy for the Dalmarnock area and the people living there."

Elinor Taggart, Link's business development and acquisitions manager, said the developer who takes on the
building work will be required to provide training places and apprenticeships for local people.

James H

Wondered when they would start building .. it was cleared well before the Games

Former Dalmarnock Power Station by D1gitAl Imagez

I just found out about the development of Dalmarnock this morning, my source in Clyde gateway gave me this info today

The local communities across the Clyde Gateway area are being invited to participate in a consultation exercise on a planning application that could see 114 new flats created at Carstairs Street, Dalmarnock.
The proposal is being brought forward by Spectrum Properties (Scotland) Ltd which is one of the largest private sector landholders within the Clyde Gateway area and involves the conversion of two buildings, including the former Strathclyde School which overlooks the Clyde Gateway-constructed SMART bridge that spans the River Clyde, as well as new build on land that is currently vacant.
The consultation will take place on Monday 11 May, between 11am and 7pm, with the location being the former industrial building at 103-109 French Street which is located just a few hundred yards from the Carstairs Street site. Drawings and images will be on display throughout while members of the project team assembled by Spectrum will be on hand to answer questions. There will also be an additional informal presentation on the proposal between 5pm and 7pm.
Futher information can be obtained from Jewitt & Wilkie Architects, 38 New City Road, Glasgow, G4 9JT. The telephone number is 0141 352 6929 while the e-mail is Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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