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My Edinburgh based (and very good) friend Kei Taniguchi has just relayed a highly entertaining tale on the pronunciation theme.

Picture the scene .. sat on a bus, on the seat in front two old ladies chatting away like they do...

"So, why are you going intae toon?"

"Oh, I huf tae pick up some things for tea."

"What were you havin'?"

"Chips an' cheese wi' sushi"

Chips an' cheese wi' sushi? That's a bit weird eh?

"I know, but its what He wants. I asked him on the phone what he wanted for his tea an' he said Chips an' cheese wi' sushi."

Wow. I wouldnae have thought your John would even know wit sushi wis!

"I know! But that's what he asked fur."

Is that really what he asked fur? Chips an' cheese wi' sushi?

"That's whit he said."

Did he maybe say sushi, cheese an' chips?

"Might have been. Whit difference does that make?"

"Well .. sushi, cheese and chips might huv been Sausages an' chips?"


   good wan Big Stuff  

Fuckin tears are streamin  

A bit like the old (possibly racist?) joke about how the guys behind the counter in the Chinese Takeaway alway enquire if you have a 'sore finger' when you buy chips from them.

pro-nun-say ... pro-non-see ... aw sod it ... how ye say things!!

Belter mate!  

ae,they gie ye thips and say sore finger then they swear at ye....effing else.
Doog Doog

My sister was over visiting our  mum years ago with neice & nephew.
Watching a wildlife programme on the telly about coral reefs,my
neice pipes up....
"Look at the size of the testicles on that octopus!"

..Of course she meant to say tentacles..
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