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Dave Carson

PS Waverley in the Thames

Over the past four years I've sailed on Paddle Steamer Waverley once a year from Southend Pier to the wartime Thames Forts at Redsands Fort and Shivering Sands Fort. Here's a selection of photos from those day trips:

Waverley approaching Southend Pier from London. 07/10/12.

Engine Room gauges and Telegraph.

Engine Room at full speed.

Redsands Fort with Shivering Sands Fort in the distance.

Redsands Fort with a new landing stage to one tower to enable it to be restored to an offshore museum. There were three sets of Army forts in the Thames, each with seven towers - Redsands (largely intact), Shivering Sands (lost one tower in a shipping collision in the late 1950s), and Nore (demolished in the 1960s as it impeded shipping).

Close-up of Redsands Fort.

Shivering Sands Fort with only 6 towers, the broken leg of the former 7th tower can be seen.

Close-up of Shivering Sands Fort. All three forts saw use in the 50s and 60s as pirate radio stations, this was Radio City.

Knock John Fort was one of three naval forts, like Shivering Sands, there is no access on to them.

The masts of the US Liberty Ship Richard Montgomery ammunition ship, sunk in 1944 after hitting a sandbank and lies broken on the river bed with 1400 tons of TNT explosives in her. There is an exclusion zone around the wreck.

The broken Mulberry Harbour off the Southend Coast, it was being towed down the North Sea towards Normandy beaches when it started to break up and the tug captain was ordered to bring it into the Thames Estuary and abandon it when in broke in two.

Waverley at Southend Pier on 1/10/15.
Doog Doog

Nice set Dave. Forum Index -> Other Photography
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