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Pubs of the World

Let's see all your quirky pubs from around the world. Not yer run of the mill pubs but something a bit different.

Saw this in Manchester.

The Peveril. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Family pub. by john.mcknight, on Flickr
Doog Doog

Now that is quirky!

I posted this one on another thread but it's relevant to this thread too. Its a pub/club in Bangkok near the Imperial Queens Park hotel where the flight crew stay.

I gather from the male members of the crew that the occasional game of "ping pong" is played within it's walls!!  


Good idea for a thread Fastnet and a good start with the examples  
Glasgow Loon

If i could workout how to upload my pics i would have a few in here.

You need all the text in the highlighted box (right click select all) Right Click Copy and to make sure you have chacked BBcode then just paste the text into the chosen thread .... Choose the right size though 800xXXX or 1024 being the preferred size for images to the board.


Great photo. of the tiled pub and it will not need painting anytime soon. However, I noticed vegetation by the front door?

The barn and outhouses also in Manchester.

The Barn by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Out house by john.mcknight, on Flickr

A novel idea for an English pub. Great photos Fastnet  
Glasgow Loon

Thanks to Cybers.

Here is a pic of the Old Hall Pub in Heckmondwike:-

Old Hall Pub 1 by Alex Baikie, on Flickr

Pub in Westport Ireland

Ardgour Inn - Corran by David C Laurie, on Flickr
Charlie Endell

The Lass 'O' Gowrie, Manchester -

I called in yesterday after a meeting in Manchester - fancied a few refreshments before catching the train up the road from Oxford Road Station.

The name has a Scottish origin -

"Legend has it that the original landlord of the pub was not an Irishman, but a proud, homesick Scotsman who named the pub in honour of his favourite poem - 'the Lass O'Gowrie' written by the celebrated Scottish poet Lady Carolina Nairne."

It has a fantastic tiled exterior. Although there were at least ten hand pumps only three were in action - the 'house special' Betty's Best (although the pump displays a picture of Violet Carson a.k.a. Ena Sharples for some reason!) is recommended. The toilets are definitely 'period'   !

Three fine photo's of pubs even the one from bog country.

Pub in Cong from the film The Quiet Man..
Glasgow Loon

Scarborough Hotel Leeds by Alex Baikie, on Flickr

It has the largest selection of Cask fonts i have seen ever and its only 2mins from Leeds railway station and next door to the hotel i was staying in.
Glasgow Loon

From my trip to york last thursday 11/7/13:-

The Maltings Pub 1 by Alex Baikie, on Flickr

The Maltings Pub 2 by Alex Baikie, on Flickr

The Maltings Pub 3 by Alex Baikie, on Flickr
Glasgow Loon

After crossing over the bridge over the Ouse another pub close to the minster:-

Thomas of York Pub 0 by Alex Baikie, on Flickr

Fanny's inn by john.mcknight, on Flickr

The red lion, Salou. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Booths. by john.mcknight, on Flickr

New venue for UG night out.......

Happy bar by john.mcknight, on Flickr

Hi Fastnet, I think I prefer Fannys Inn

norrie wrote:
Hi Fastnet, I think I prefer Fannys Inn

I bet you do ya perv.........      

Hi Fastnet, you got me wrong Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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