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Quarter Gill (Oswald Street) Closed.

From A.N. Other.

"Very sorry this morning to see the shutters down and a 'To Let' sign up at this Oswald Street institution.

One of the few surviving 'proper' old pubs in the city centre, they've been selling beers and pies on this site since 1870.

Sure, it was a wee bit off the beaten track but, the prices were reasonable and the welcome always warm.

A sign in the window said all the bar staff have moved just up the road, to Hope Street, to the Two-Heided Man (named after a Matt McGinn song).

You can read more about the history of the hostelry (try saying that after a couple of large ones!), at the brilliant Old Glasgow Pubs site."
Vinny the Mackem

Was in there just a couple of weeks back. Always liked it. Was always busy whenever I was in.
Alex Glass

Worked across the road from the Quarter Gill and made regular visits there after work.

They did great meals up the stairs. Although it was small always had a great time in there.

Sad to hear it has closed
Charlie Endell

Ah, McGinn's - used to drink in there Friday lunchtimes (I was outvoted by my colleagues) - the barmaid clearly overheard me complaining about her pouring pints into glasses willy-nilly e.g. Tennent's into a Guinness glass and Guinness into a Tennent's glass - as she handed the pints over she said - "There ye go, a Tennent's in a Guinness glass and a Guinness in a Tennent's glass." - someone who obviously took pride in her work and put customer care to the forefront. The place was (is) absolutely minging - a couple of the lads were brave enough to eat the free sandwiches provided .

Denholms across the road is owned by the same guy - it's nickname 'Dirty Denholms' is thoroughly justified.

the keys to the chrystal bell will be getting handed back next week too.the wetherspoons of the world have too much buying power and control and unless you have a free house then you will be strangled by the terms of your lease.

quarter gill

spent many an afternoon there, being served the 'real thing' not watered down rubbish.....always a great atmosphere...working man's pub......not like the majority....full of shirtlifters...!
Charlie Endell

I see Denholm's is in the midst of a long, long overdue refit.
Charlie Endell

I hear that's the Doublet closed   - I think Alistair Don (?) decided to sell up - probably reopen as some gentrified hipster place. Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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