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Queens Crescent Gardens: concealed Mine Shaft entrance

I stay on west princes street and have recently became interested in the gardens at Queens Crescent nearby, with the Ornamental fountain and beautiful surrounding grove of trees. On searching online I discovered that the crescent was originally known as Spring Grove crescent and was designed by John Bryce in 1840 and built shortly after. However I also discovered that the fountain is situated above the entrance to an old mine shaft and this is what has got me further interested, as on inspection of the gardens there appears to be an Ivy-Clad entrance that is subliminally concealed yet on inspection it appears to be in a remarkably obvious location. So I am just wondering if anyone knows any more about this, or where I could find further information on this topic? Thanks. (p.s would have liked to have posted photos but camera not working at the moment) Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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