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Question regarding train trip Wemyss Bay to Mallaig

I noticed online there is a train trip from Wemyss Bay to Mallaig run by a company called compasstoursbyrail. It states the route and lists a pick up at Paisley Gilmour street then stopping at Westerton 45 minutes later. I don't have a great knowledge of the network so I can't work out exactly what  route they will use to get between these stations.
              Can anyone enlighten me?

Doog Doog

Looking at a rail atlas I have,most logical way would be
Sheilds Jcn taking the old St Enoch line up to High st Jcn,then the line to Springburn,Cowlairs West & North Jcns onto West Highland Line,joining
the Northside electric line at Knightswood North.

A few ways it go do it.

1. Head east from Paisley Gilmour Street, up onto the City Union Line (the
old Saint Enoch approach tracks), past Glasgow Cross, onto the Airdrie line
at Bellgrove, left up onto the Springburn branch, through Springburn station,
(very) briefly onto the E-G main line at Cowlairs, then branch left onto the
Maryhill line. From there, it's straight through Maryhill to Westerton.

2. Head east from Paisley Gilmour Street, down the Burma Road onto the Clydesdale
line as far as Rutherglen, take the West-North curve and onto the Argyle Line,
through the Dalmarnock/Bridgeton/Central/Anderston tunnels and up through
Partick, and finally turn North up through Anniesland to Westerton.

3. Same as above, but instead of turning onto the Argyle Line at Rutherglen,
keep heading east to Coatbridge via Bailleston, turn north through Coatbridge
Central then take the next left junction to go through Gartcosh Station and
onto Springburn. From there follow the path from Springburn to Westerton
as suggested in the first route.

I'd say route 2 would be unlikely as it would add to the Partick - Hyndland
bottleneck, but what do I know. Do the company involved not state the itinerary?

James H

They don't state the route used. It says pick up at stations along the way with Paisley Gilmour street then Westerton next on the list.
I hunted a bit online and I noticed one of the SRPS railtours from a few years ago used the central low level line.
At 69 its a wee bit too expensive for me but seems like a good trip although you don't get much time in Mallaig or Fort William.If money wasn't so tight I'd consider the trip.

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