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Took a trip over to Raasay this summer and visited the remains of an old iron mine

Alex Glass

Great photos Alan but what is that building? It looks like it could be a church.

Its part of an old iron works. The ore was brought to the works from the mine further inland by train, with the iron extracted at the works before being loaded on onto ships bound for Glasgow and turned into steel.

During the 1st World War the mine was manned by German PoWs, it closed in the early 1920's

Nice photos Alan.

This site didnít actual produce iron, only pre- treat the ore before it was shipped out.  The church like buildings are bases of the kilns that were used to roast the iron ore. fI you follow the track way in your last photo up the hill, you can find the entrance to one of the mines, not that I would advise an explore! There are also some interesting remains of the viaduct and trackways in the woods. The island itself is well worth a visit. Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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