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Rathlin island and St Kilda

Took loads of stuff in 1991 on dive trips out to far away islands...Quality not great..think its the scanner..anway

Rathlin island is just off the north coast of Ireland and was at the time like something out of the 19th century...would be surprised if its changed

The next ones are out at St Kilda which I would love to vist again
We hired a 4 masted schooner for 2 weeks to get there


Ooh Saint Kilda! It's on my wishlist!  

When I get a chance this weekend will scan and post more

Some more St Kilda stuff

View of the village taken from the boat

The road in the background was new..the army had a radar station there.Also a pub which shut at 11pm just like on the mainland at the time..think i have pics of both

Think the houses have been renovated now


The army base...

in between the houses

Demolition UK

Great journey..!!

Demolition In Cambridgeshire

Its a amazing pics..Both of you looking great!!


Windlaw Boy

David Hayman appeared in a drama about St Kilda back in 1983, but it was actually filmed at a place called Applecross somewhere up north. I think the islanders left St Kilda around August 1930. Great piccies  !! The drama was called "Ill Fares The Land" and the accompanying music was just brilliant.

St kilda

Great old pictures, I'd love to go to st Kilda , will do one day Forum Index -> Scotland, UK and the World
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