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Regality Club

Would anyone know where to find information on Stuart Cranstons Tearooms / The Regality Club (28/32 Buchanan St) nowadays known as The Argyll Chambers?
I'd love to see some photos of the inside if anyone knows how to track some down?
Alex Glass


I am sure I read something recently about the Stuart Cranston Tearoom but for the life of me I can't remember where.

Maybe try the Mitchell. There maybe something there within their Glasgow Collection.

Thanks Alex!

Here's one from the Mitchell.

Great Merlot, thank you!

Merlot wrote:
Here's one from the Mitchell.

Tis a cracker, I can see the letters of a bygone time in its gold or silver leaf on that upper window. Seen a shop front getting gold lettering done in Carlisle a few weeks back and whilst the effect was a reminder of a bygone age it was done in thermal transfer foil and did not really work that well for a sunbed parlour.

Found mention of this book on the rcahms site:

"Baird, A F (1899) 'House, no 26-32 Buchanan street', The Regality Club, vol.3"

Be rather keen to track that down! Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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