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Regeneration film

Interesting documentry from 1975

An old Class 27 push pull set 1m35s and 3m35s in.

James H

Good documentary, some old memory's stirred (i had forgotten about the old Connels ginger lorries). It was also quite sad because for all the planners good intentions, their improvements didn't last very long in Possil, and i think the residents had to take the blame, even the decent one's, for turning a blind eye to vandalism. But that was a city wide problem too of the time.

Hi Kev, I  enjoyed that film, I lived with my granny in Mansion st  and visited her every Saturday when I lived in Milton
I still pass Possil on Sundays on ther way  to Saracen Park, for Speedway
I served my time in A & J Main Hawthorn st, went to the local cinema, so that film brought back a lot of memories
To be honest what they tried to do in those days wasnt enough and I think eventually the powers that be realised that
Very little of the between wars tenements survive, Saracen st Victorian Tenements are  mostly still standing
There is a lot of new housing in the area, much needed, some of it owner occupier
Is it a better place?, not sure as the bad name sticks, a pity as not all the tenants are bad
Possil wasnt a great place but Drugs have made it worse
When I lived in Milton it was regarded as a good place to , I left in 1967, been baclk once ot twice over the years and much of the new 50s housing has been demolished, dare say its not the only housing scheme to suffer that fate Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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