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Rhule Tea Room - Sauchiehall st

Thought this might interest people the post is from another site and I'm too lazy to re write it again, the building it transpired was the Rhule tea room with tea rooms and dance floors - Enjoy........

mrsam wrote:
So the boss tells me to go and work in one of our Glasgow branches for the day.  Great Yawn  I think another boring day in another boring shop running around like a fly getting knackered.

However I get there and the shop is indeed boring but on a(this is the...) tour of the stock room I notice

Interesting, I think this day may be fun afterall!!!!!!  On my second tour (given by another manager) the word ballroom is mentioned......  After Investigation I find that the shop was on 2 floors, stockroom on 3 and an intire floor of the building was lying vacant clearly showing signs of it's past decor (as a ballroom/ tea room I'm told).  This is abandonia at it's best and I'm glad I had my camera handy

the above picture shows the real picture, the decoration has been butchered by umpteen generations of shop fitting, floors 1 + 2 are hidden by boring stuff so unknown.  Floor 3 is v butchered but has patches of tile decoration, plasterwork, panelling and glass.  Floor 4 is in a fairly good nick and could be repaired if wanted.  There is also an old internal main marble stair no longer in use(dark as well).

and a basement(no tunnels I looked).

I'm back there on Friday so will take more pics
the address is 123 Sauchiehall St and anymore info would be great
the full collection of pics can be found at

Does anyone else work in such intersting surroundings?

Mr Sam

mrsam wrote:

Mr Sam

And from gap74 later in the topic
gap74 wrote:
Ah, a fascinating building, the Rhul Tearoom - Nodrog and I first spotted this a few years ago, as they had a habit of leaving the lights on at night and you could see some of the fantastic ceiling plasterwork. It wasn't until it was mentioned at an Historic Scotland seminar as a recently listed building that we found out what it was.

A fantastic building which is easy to miss when the trees outside have leaves on, more details on the listing description here:

These complexes with tearooms and ballrooms were actually fairly common in the 20s and 30s in Glasgow - the old VIrgin/Blacks store on Union St is another one. Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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