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Richmond Park

Noticed this photo today and never knew the Richmond Park looking like this...        the same photograph is on ebay too.

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Sorted...  Beano


nice find but should it not be in glasgow parks ?

cybers wrote:
nice find but should it not be in glasgow parks ?

Cybers...Glasgow parks is in photography thread and all modern photographs,
this postcard is best left in Glasgow from the past. The link was sorted for Calamity mate.

No probs just thinking out loud  

uch shoosht cybers.. ye know a like tae keep beano busy.... wiznae really sure myself where it should go.....

hi just wondering about the date of the pic of richmond park because T B SEATH and others were building ships at rutherglen through the1800s who would they have got them down river regards bob

Are we all not maybe looking at that wrong. Is it not The Polmadie Burn ??? as it looks too narrow to be the Clyde.

It's the Polmadie Burn looking to Rutherglen Road. The house on the left faced up Dalmeny St, within the park grounds. and the tenements were on the opposite side of the road. The red sandstone tenements in Oatlands which I have posted a pic of in the Past/Present thread. All the buildings are now demolished. The Clyde would be behind the photographer. Forum Index -> Glasgow From The Past
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