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River Clyde Walkway

Hi all,

With the recent news about some of the River Clyde walkway falling into the river it reminded me of another section of the path I walked past many times just at the Squinty Bridge on the north side of the Clyde.  It is all overgrown but if you look closely there are street lamps and a path in there.  To clarify the location is

Does anyone know the history of why it has been fenced off?

peter kemp

It's been fenced off for as long as they last did up the walkway(60s??) Passed recently and all the treesetc were chopped down. I think yon giant hogweed was growing wild there as well.

This may have been mentioned in the 'In The News' thread but since it's been brought up again, we'll leave this thread open.

The section in question was only fenced off mid to late ninties by my reckoning. The lamps in place are from the 80s SECC opening kind of refurb. I remember cycling along the walkway and it did'nt swerve off the riverside until it went round the crane approaching the SECC.

Should it not be just included in the Forum Index -> Glasgow Development & Demolition
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