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Royal Alexandra Infirmary

Hey guys,

So recently I looked up the Royal Alexandra Infirmary in Paisley and me and my best friend decided to jump in a taxi and investigate with our cameras. Part of the hospital is being used for a residential area as the hospital only closed earlier this year. I think it closed because a bigger, newer hospital was built, the Royal Alexandra Hospital, trust me; there's a difference.

So anyway, it was difficult to find at first, the poor taxi driver had to keep getting out and asking because the directions given were dodgy. We eventually made it onto High Calside Street and found the hospital/residential area. The whole bottom floors windows and doors were bolted shut with metal sheets and although there was one on the second floor that had been pried off; I am not a good climber. Youíd have to shimmy up a drainage pipe and lean precariously across to the window. It is definitely worth having a look though because they have these beautiful circular balconies. Unfortunately, I didnít take any pictures because I was so focused on getting in (first timers for you) and I realise that was stupid on my part.

There was a creepy building in front to which I battled the green wilderness to get around, and I found a metal locked door with the creepy message ďIf you want let in, meet me around here →Ē. I followed the arrow but found nothing unfortunately.

So thatís my failure of an experience, Iíve tried emailing the client but no-ones answered of yet. Has anyone else been there? Are there any stories?

Royal Alexandra Infirmary With Pictures

Okay guys,

So I went back to the Royal Alexandra Infirmary in Paisley and I took pictures this time! It was much the same, most of the windows were smashed and the metal was still covering the doors, except someone had tried prying the basement door open and I stuck my camera in and took a few photo's.

Enjoy guys, feedback is welcome!

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Thread Merged with the original one you created to keep things tidy. If you could limit photo posts to around 6 images per post that would be awesome. Oh and good work


So... Where is this?

It's in the triangle formed by Calside, Neilston Road and Stock Street in Paisley.

Yeah its up on High Calside Street

Nice building going to waste, well done getting photos
Doog Doog

Well done.

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