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Saint Bernards 1970-1977

Can anyone help.

Attended St Bernard's from 1970-1977 but don't have any school pictures from these dates. Teacher was miss O Hara, and married name changed  to mackinnon, music teacher miss Connolly.. Wondering if Mrs McKinnon or any of the teachers from that time still teaching, quite possible. Would anyone know if Scottish education at this time kept school pictures or an archive system somewhere. Be grateful if anyone has any pictures from this time period.

St. Bernard School

Try Mitchell's Library site,,,they have school photo's off all Glasgow schools from practically any year,,,good luck
Alex Glass

You are better trying Friend Reunited.

The Education Department may have some photos so it is worth writing to Maureen McKenna, Executive Director for Education. The department recently moved across the road at Cochrane Street but if you just address it to her at Glasgow City Council, City Chambers it should get to her or checkout the council website for a direct email address.

The Mitchell may only have items transfered to them when a school closes but as far as I can recall nothing has ever been done to collate school photos although I remember having a cnversation with a senior officer before she retired about a possible project taking place.

Good luck with your search

Thanks folks.
Had already tried the Mitchell, no luck. Hopefully  get some feedback from Glasgow education.
Alex Glass

May also be worth contacting the Head Teacher Ms Winter at the School. Although the school has been rebuilt they may hold old records within the school.

It was relocated to the old St Robert's School whilst the new school was being built so they could have moved everything with them so that they could take it back when they moved into the new school.

Hi there my grandad was the janitor of st Bernard's since it opened till open 1990s his name was Hugh Hagen. I posted a few pics up on a topic called st Bernard's too a while ago (don't know if u have saw them) my dad is still looking out old pics of the school so as soon as I get them will post them :-)

That would be great. I remembered Mr Hagen well. Anything you can post would be gratefully appreciated.

That's the page where I put some pictures on a wee while ago. Hope the link works  Forum Index -> Urban Adventures, Exploration & Photography
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